10+ Tweets From Men To Their Wives That Only Husbands Can Understand

Marriage is a rollercoaster ride.

It has its ups and downs. Maintaining a marriage isn’t easy. You have to understand another human being entirely and compromise your entire life. But it can be fun too since you’re living with your best friend.

However, some men have their own take on it. Marriage is different for men than it is for women. And these tweets might sum it up for you:

#1 I forgot everything you said.

#2 Food>Sex

#3 You put the milk back in the wrong way!

#4 I wanted the top bunk!

#5 Petty.

#6 This must have been a very interesting argument.

#7 Honey, where is the “kitchen”?

#8 Wuff woo you mean “grow up?”

#9 Make it stop!

#10 I would die happily in that man’s arms.

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