21 Tweets For Millennials Who Are Just Tired Of Bullshit

Sometimes, I’m just done with adults complaining about why millennials can’t be successful in the economy THEY ruined, not to mention the whole “Back in my days” bullshit.


Buying a house and getting an education isn’t as easy for us as it was for them, and they just don’t understand that.

Glad I’m not the only one who is tired of their bullshit. Here are 21 tweets from Millenials who feel the same:

#1 How dare you to have both your kidneys?



#2 My phone is all I have.



#3 Have you even compared house prices in 1974 and 2017?



#4 Using my phone is much worse than ruining the economy.



#5 Okay, screw logic.


#6 Tell us more about how disrespectful we are?



#7 Diamonds, so useful.



#8 Bean bags are everything.



#9 *Never*



#10 I just think they’re afraid of us.



#11 Working our ass off isn’t easy.



#12 No racism accepted.



#13 We eat away our sadness.



#14 So WE’RE the narcissists?



#15 Healthcare? Just die!



#16 Who are you going to come for help now?



#17 Blame it on the Millennials.



#18 So so spoilt.



#19 “I’d like to speak to the manager.”



#20 Realistic Monopoly game.



#21 That is a luxury I can’t afford.


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