10+ Really Hilarious Tweets By Women, For Women, That Are So Real It Hurts

We laugh at topics that we’re familiar with, obviously.

But the thing is, women are familiar with a world of different things than men are. Guys generally don’t have nails long enough to break, but women do, and apparently, 95% of the time it’s because of a goddamn pistachio nut.

That’s just one weird thing too, there’s a myriad of others! Just look at these sassy, funny women on Twitter!

#1 Hairdresser

#2 The OMG friend

#3 Despistachio.


#4 Long distance relationships

#5 Wine


#6 Live Laugh Love

#7 Broken exclamation key.

#8 Active weekend.

#9 Almond problems

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