10+ Hilarious AF Tweets About Pre Menstrual Syndrome That Every Female Can Relate To

3 in every four women suffer from PMS symptoms.

They blame us women for being unpredictable and sensitive; they don’t know what PMS does to us. You’re in your bed watching Netflix with a massive bar of chocolate, and you’ll get mad at your blanket for no reason at all. The struggle is real, I tell you. It’s not even an exaggeration.

So if you go through PMS every month, here are some hilarious AF tweets you can relate to:

#1 I knew I wasn’t that weak.

via Twitter,LizHackett  

#2 Just wondering.

via Twitter,ValeeGrrl  

#3 It’s almost as if she’s a normal human being.

via Twitter,oliviawilde  

#4 That is a visual sign of a woman going through PMS.

via Twitter,LizHackett  

#5 Where can I download this app?

via Twitter,knottyyarn 

#6 Oh, that’s why.

via Twitter,sandalinbohemia 

#7 We’ve all been there.

via Twitter,samimain 

#8 Overreacting? Blame it on PMS.

via Twitter,malissaali 

#9 How to cope with PMS.

via Twitter,hiemilyy 

#10 That seems like a reliable procedure.

via Twitter,IjeomaOluo  
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