10+ Hilarious Tweets About Going To Therapy That Will Make Your Sides Hurt

Maybe you’re unhappy with your job, or perhaps you’re struggling with infidelity? Or it’s just that extra 20 pounds you can’t lose. Or it could just be that you’re struggling with anxiety and depression. And you need some guidance in figuring out what career will really make you happy. If so, then Therapy is a great way to help you with your problems. Your therapist will listen to you and ask you questions. And if your therapy sessions are as hilarious as these, it’ll definitely help you cope better.

Here are some hilarious tweets about going to therapy that will make your sides hurt:

1. Foreplay:

2. Turning on the charm:

3. She was scared:

4. Water is wet:

5. Cercei, teach me your ways!


6. I see it too.

7. Everything is fine.

8. Shades on!


9. Why?

10. Jumping to conclusions

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