10+ Hilarious Tweets About Birds That’ll Make You Question How They Even Exist

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.

Birds are really weird. There are so many kinds, and they go from super smart to really dumb, to downright strange. Pigeons, for example, were created without the ability to give a fuck apparently. But not just them.

In general.

Have you ever noticed how… Weird they are?

Some twitter users have, and man, I might reconsider how we’re defining birds after this.

#1 God making birds like:

#2 Pigeon interview.

#3 Poetry.

#4 Raven memories.


#5 No such thing as angry stomping.

#6 Creating a penguin.

#7 Bird gets roasted.

#8 Early bird meets early worm.

#9 Penguin or orca?


#10 Stuffed toy. Kinda.

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