10+ Hilarious Tweets About Being Single That Will Make You Laugh No Matter What

Happy Valentines Day!

Now that this is out of the way, let’s get on with our lives. I know this is supposed to be a ‘celebration’ of love. And that is all fine and dandy for people who are currently in relationships. But what about all the single people?

What are we supposed to do? Cry in the corner while our roommate goes on an amazing romantic date with her boyfriend (who is probably cheating on her)? Well, not today!

Today we read tweets from other like-minded people who don’t give a flying f*ck about relationships. Let’s start, shall we?

#1 I agree with everything except number 5.

#2 This woman is a genius!


#3 So how did it go?

#4 Damn, not in front of the dog.

#5 Probably a best friend.

#6 Only care about the important stuff.

#7 Everyone needs a break once in a while.

#8 At least you don’t have to deal with other people’s shit.

#9 Why not ask her to be the mother of your kids next year?

#10 Even my echo wants nothing to do with me.

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