10+ Hilariously Relatable Tweets About Acne That’ll Make You Laugh & Cry

Everyone Has To Deal With Acne At Least Once In Their Life.

Except maybe those lucky people who have beautiful clear skin. I am not jealous. I am not jealous at all. I love having big pimples and red gashes on my face. Didn’t you know that it was the new trending thing?

Just look at the following acne posts. They might even make you feel better about your minimum hormonal acne.

#1 It Helped Tremendously.

#2 I’m Back!


#3 It Really Is Bullying. Who Is Going To Stop The Bully Though?

#4 Crying To Wash Your Face

#5 Truly, What A Time To Be Alive!


#6 That Usually Happens To Me Everyday.

#7 I’d Rather Old Though.

#8 See, I Look Far Into The Future.

#9 How Can That Eden Happen?

#10 Well, That Is Definitely Sad.

#11 Well, At Least It Felt Good.

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