Tweet-happy Trump Tweets about International Women’s Day only to regret it the most

Trigger-happy soldiers and tweet-happy politicians have only a few things in common, and apart from excessive jingoism, it is mostly their habit to act first and think later. Same happens with Donald Trump. He is a Twitter obsessive person and he won’t let go a single chance to wage a Tweet world war.

However, this time, he tries to act like the President of the nation and tweets on International Women’s Day, only to get the worst possible reaction from feminists, human right activists and general public. Let’s see what set the American audience of Trump’s tweets ablaze:

Considering that one tweet cannot do justice with the topic and the call for a Presidential Tweet, he tweets again:


Now, being free, democrat and American, we can always go wild with Trump’s tweets, but instead of doing it, let’s read some tweets that do the job better than we can even imagine of. Let’s see how these tweets from famous American people as well as human right activists do justice with Trump:

One of the tweeters simple gave a link to the famous video of Trump that shows him using abusive language about women (http://edition.cnn.com/videos/politics/2016/10/07/donald-trump-women-lewd-comments-origwx-cs.cnn) and tweets:

And this befitting reply simply knocks him down:

And then it turned into a tornado that simply dumped Mr. Trump’s response to International Women’s Day. For example, this tweet contains a photo of Trump with his cabinet, without a single woman:

And more and more people simply made it a fluke! Well obviously not a fluke for Mr. Trump!

And this one otherwise said “In your face, Mr. President!”

And then came more:

And more:

And more:

Until people made clear that they are NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL:

There you go Mr. President! You can say all that you want to say and pretend to be the High Priest, but people know you very well!

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