10+ Time Tumblr Users Explained TV Shows From One Single Screenshot And Described It Hilariously

Who knew explaining a show by one screenshot would be so hard?

The results are hilarious. Especially if you choose shows like Stevens Universe. Because even I don’t know whats happening in that half the time. I totally get the struggle these guys had when guessing what was happening in the following shows.

But hey.

The fact that they went through with it just means that we got quality entertainment.

#1 WWE.

#2 Undertale (A game)

Via neeteryincorporated

#3 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency.

#4 Bob’s Burgers.

Via neeteryincorporated

#5 Codename: Kids Next Door.

Via neeteryincorporated

#6 Steven Universe.

Via neeteryincorporated


#7 Gravity Falls.

Via neeteryincorporated

#8 We Bare Bears.

Via neeteryincorporated
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