10+ Times Tumblr Users Proved That They Are The Most Savage People On Internet

Tumblr Is The Most Savage Place On The Internet.

I don’t think anyone will argue with me on that statement. I mean, just take one look at some of the things posted there. It can make a grown man cry (Turns out they did.) That is why we have compiled a bunch of posts that prove that Tumblr users are the most savage people on Earth.

#1 When People Are Tired Of Baby Boomers.

Via mixedgf.tumblr.com

#2 Savages Take No Days Off.

Via asian.tumblr.com

#3 Because Tumblr Is The Best Place For The Exchange Of English Language.

Via morgrana.tumblr.com

#4 When Their Burns Were On Point.

Via pokegrumps.tumblr.com

#5 Now That Is A Comeback!

Via princess-oliver-jonas.tumblr.com

#6 They Even Got Barbie Involved Somehow.

Via catsfurever.tumblr.com

#7 Who Thinks This Is A Portal? I Mean Really?

Via sereneflaws.tumblr.com

#8 When Jackson Pollock Was Savaged By A 4-Year-Old.

Via coolpixiekid.tumblr.com

#9 And So Was Macklemore.

Via methhomework.tumblr.com

#10 When You Can Only Think Of Shitty Burns.

Via heart.tumblr.com

#11 Then There Were These Pranksters.

Via ww1.jakemalik.com

#12 This Dad Knows Whats Up.

Via leisures.tumblr.com

#13 Some Are Just Naturally Savage From A Very Young Age.

Via niallun.tumblr.com

#14 I Would 100% Listen To Them.

Via meowitsraygun.tumblr.com

#15 Because Not Even Batman Is Exempt From Their Savagery.

Via nothingislinear.tumblr.com
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