Tumblr User’s Math Equation Of The Exact Day Ice Cube Was Talking About Will Wake You Up

Breakdown of the famous song “Today was a good day.”

So, here’s a Tumblr user who gave a deep thought to Ice Cube’s almost two decades old song “Today was a good day.” Interestingly, he was actually able to fetch out the specific day that Ice Cube mentions in his song. As one might surmise, he was over-fastidious with this number of O’Shea Jackson Sr. It has left the world to burn in curiosity as how will Ice Cube react over it (if he decides to). It depends! Anyway, scroll down and check out how this Tumblr user did the math and manage to find out that ” Good Day”.

1. Clicks anything?

Clue 1:

Lyrics: “Went to $hort Dog’s house, they was watchin’ Yo! MTV”

Yo MTV Raps first aired: August 6, 1988

Clue 2:

“Today was a good day” was released on 2nd Feb 1993.

2. Apparently, it was a good day for rapper Ice Cube when the L.A Lakers beat the Seattle SuperSonics.

Clue 3 :

Here are the dates between the release of the song and the air date of Yo MTV Raps.

3. Clever Move.

Clue 4:

So according to this Tumblr user, these are the days when there was no smog and when the Lakers won over SuperSonics. How smart of him? It seems like a genius is doing algebra here ladies and gentlemen.

Clue 5:

So our very own Kim gave a beep to our rapper boy, and this Tumblr user couldn’t hold back and pulled out some amazing facts.

4. Final Move!

Hold your breath because this is the last lap to get to Ice Cube’s good day. How thoughtful of his fans?

Clue 6:

So, it appears that the Tumblr user also knows quite a lot about O’Shea Jackson Sr’s personal life (like a true fan). Read out the last five points he got out of his life events and routine.

So, what do you guys think? Would Ice Cube respond back or no? Comment below and share your views with us!

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