Tumblr User Called This Japanese Girl’s Tea Party Racist But Then A Japanese User Stepped In & Slayed

Tumblr has been the cause of a lot of controversy in the past.

It’s usually because it’s filled with racists pretending to be anti-racist, sexists pretending to be anti-sexist, and bigots pretending to be anti-bigot. The most recent thing that happened involving tumblr and it’s awful userbase involved accusing a mom and her daughter of racism for throwing a Japanese party.

As it happened, a Utah mom that runs a party planning blog called The Gala Girls, threw a Japanese themed birthday party for her daughter Caitlyn. Some Tumblr user got their hands on it, and called them racist, saying it was inappropriate.

This is Caitlyn enjoying her fantastic looking party!

And when Tumblr got its hands on it…

And then a Japanese person came online and set the record straight.

Mic drop of the century

If you’re wearing clothes and taking part in traditions from different cultures, then you’re enjoying them, and everyone that’s a part of that will hope you feel accommodated and a part of it all. But if you’re doing it to mock them, then you’re in a whole lot of trouble.

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