10+ Times Tumblr Totally Roasted The Shit Out Of Men For Not Understanding How Periods Work

Let’s face it; no one wants to talk about periods, blood or tampons. “Surfing the crimson wave”, as Cher likes to call it, isn’t what you pesky men think it is. If you’re a good boyfriend, partner, gay best friend or a one-night stand, you need to know what it’s like going through the gruelling and painful experience of menstruation.

Here is the thing: PMS is real.

1. The feeling is mutual.

2. If condoms can be free, so can tampons. Period.

3. Dobby, you’re free!

4. 50 minutes pronto.

5. Struggles of being a girl.

6. I hope the teacher got fired.

7. Enjoy that life.

8. *Facepalm*.

9. Strugglin’ yet hustlin’

9. He said what?

10. Why don’t you just die?

10. He sure is dumb. And I’m not kidding.

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