People On Tumblr Thread Reveal Why They Believed Witches Exist

“Salem Witch Trials of 1692”

For those of you who are not aware of these historic trials, these were a continuous series of hearings and prosecutions that lasted from 1692 to 1693 of people who were believed to be involved in witchcraft.

Considering this case, ever since the trials, there have numerous and countless theories on what actually happened to the people of colonial Massachusets, however, most of them were usually based on speculations and rumors. However, some actual medical reports alluded at people having some hallucinogenic effects instead of being possessed.

But anyway, what we have to share with you today is something totally amusing. A bunch of Tumblr users united together and tried to come up with the best possible explanation of the 1692 trials. And trust me, their reasoning isn’t wrong, but is also the best one you’ll ever see.

Scroll down and check it out yourself!


Here’s a bunch of girls posing outside the Witch Jail. (Photo was taken in 1945 Massachusetts Bay Colony)

Water Contaminated with fungus from which LSD is derived.

Best internet theory.

Fungus: Ergot.

That explains why everyone wasn’t affected.

More interesting facts.

That pretty much makes sense, I suppose.

Witch House 1642

Well, it looks like they have it all figured out. So, did you like this thread of the united Tumblr users just as much as we did? What are your thoughts and views on it? Leave a comment in the box below and let us know!

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