10+ Hilarious Tumblr Posts That Will Make Every Unapologetic Women Laugh Out Loud

Women have to deal with a lot of things on a day to day basis.

And since there aren’t enough social outlets advocating for women’s rights like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, a lot of the jokes and subtle social justice has amalgamated into Tumblr.

Now see, Tumblr is a blogging platform, initially dedicated to only fandoms, and has now become a champion of women empowerment. It’s full of jokes, and ideas that people, especially women, can relate to and understand. From the nuances of shaving your legs and the judgment others give you for not doing it, (some guy said it was like cancer) all the way to the erasure of women in media and movies.

They’re from all over the place, and if you’re unapologetically feminine, you know exactly what they mean and will want a Tumblr account of your own immediately!

#1 This guy thought it was a reasonable argument.


#2 The jig is up. The oranges have arrived. The secret is out.


#3 Drawing a female character on your tomato sauce? Feminist virtue signaling at its finest.


#4 Don’t care what other people say and hate, and do what you want anyway.


#5 Surround yourself with trainwrecks so you’re never alone.


#6 Congratulations urbieknowsbest, you missed the point best.


#7 There’s a lot less drama because there’s no more Hamlet.


#8 Shape of Water fish monster vs real men.


#9 Fanfictions rip through my soul.


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