17 Tumblr Posts That Will Teach You Something For Once In Your Life In A Hilarious Way

You Learn Something New Everyday.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you learn something valuable or useful. However, if you are learning something new from Tumblr, there is a very good chance you won’t need that tiny fact at all.

So, that is exactly the reason we have compiled these hilarious facts from Tumblr posts. Why? Because everyone loves to learn useless facts. You might think the following posts are stupid. However, don’t be fooled by the posts’ appearance. Ever heard the saying “Don’t Judge A Post By Its Content”? Well, That applies here.

#1 “Just Fuck Me Up.”

#2 The Word Nimrod Has Actually Been Always Misunderstood.

#3 Fin-dom huh? I Though It Was A Fetish For Fishes Or Something.

#4 Even After Life Has Good Doggies.

#5 Apparently Ireland Did That Once. No, I Don’t Know Why.

#6 You Are Not Alone.

#7 That Is A Very Fun Fact After All.

#8 Old People Apparently Hate Paper. At Least We Aren’t Using Paper That Much These Days.

#9 Owls Apparently Have Pretty Long Legs. Who Knew?

#10 That Is Career Goals Indeed.

#11 Russian Cursive Is Confusing As Hell.

#12 So Santa Does Have A License.

#13 Ostriches Are Apparently Very Sexual.

#14 The Truth Of Trojan Horse.

#15 Founding Fathers Invading Privacy Very Funny.

#16 Ever Heard Of A Melaphor?

#17 What Am I Doing With My Life?

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