10+ Tumblr Posts That Are Hilariously Accurate And You Should Send Them To Your Friend Right Now

Were you recently so bored at work that you started contemplating the meaning of life? And you realized that life could be really unpleasant. We never get the things we want. However, always end up getting the things we don’t need. From relationship problems to people playing around with your feelings – life really does suck! So when we complain about life, our grumble seems to be based on valid grounds. Life tricks us, gives us false expectations and then fails to deliver.

Life is hard and often seems to be unfair, too. Moreover, it’s become a common experience to look at each other for sympathy. There isn’t much justice to it. However, if you find yourself complaining about life, think of how much more worse it could’ve been. To make your day a little better. And to help you get through the rest of your long and tedious day at work – we have put together the most hilariously accurate Tumblr posts for you!

Here are 10+ Tumblr posts that are so hilariously accurate that you should send them to your friend right now!

1. Never.


2. Just don’t.


3. The truest indeed.


4. Instead of the corner.


5. The struggle is real.


6. Are you sure?


7. You don’t know anything.


8. Weirdly valid.


9. In defeat.


10. Mishaps happen.


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