This Wholesome Tumblr Thread About ‘Frat Boys Being Frat Boys’ Will Cheer You Up Instantly

There are no parties like the Frat parties!

If you have ever been to a frat party, you know just how messy and crazy they can get. It’ll always start nice and slow and before you even know it the whole place would be upside down. All the crazy and senseless drinking games aside, there is so much noise that you can’t tell what’s happening. Apart from that, frat boys, in general, are just fascinating, and they without a doubt best fit the description of ‘boys will always be boys.’

If you’re around frat boys, you can simply expect A LOT of entertainment. They possess the natural ability to create everything out of nothing. It’s always fun to see them in groups especially when they’re all busy figuring out how a certain thing works. To give you a better understanding of the whole picture, here’s a Tumblr thread for you. Scroll down a take a look.

This is definitely something they would do.

Lost your keys at a frat house? Well, this should be interesting.

As expected, he let her in.

“Post-bacchanalia hallucination,” oh my god.

Just when she thought it was all hopeless, someone came to her rescue.

Apparently, he sent everyone a message.

And soon the cavalry arrived…

Well, guess what? Chivalry is not dead, guys!

What do you think of all this? If you have any stories of your own feel free to share them with us in the comments below!

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