10+ Times Tumblr Got Offended By Silliest Things & Whined Like A Little Bitch

Tumblr’s at it again, folks.

Everyone’s got to put trigger warnings before everything otherwise you’re literally Hitler. And you know what I realized? People are even more stupid than we give them credit for.

Secondly, the social media is the go-to place for the snowflakes so they can rant about how offended they are. A very specific social media. Tumblr to be precise. These posts might make you question your sanity.

#1 Because color is so important in decision for adoption right?

#2 Am i seeing this right?

#3 Mental Race, Right!

#4 What even is world?

#5 Just a thought.

#6 Congratulations?

#7 Have you ever seen a real heart?

#8 They’re half right.

#9 Really? I mean REALLY?

#10 People just love to get offended.

#11 Can we just focus on their sweet story?

#12 Yah, I think you really should listen.

#13 Of course it is. *Heavy sarcasm detected*

#14 Wow that is just surprising.

#15 I have nothing to say to this.

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