Mystery Solved, Learn The Actual Truth Behind The Famous Duct Taped Kid At The Local LAN Party.

You might have seen the picture of a young chap dangling from the ceiling with nothing but duct tape determined to enjoy a Counter-Strike LAN session with a bunch of his friends.

A perfect example of the dedication.

This picture has circled around the internet for quite some time with countless made up stories and wild claims. But what is the real deal behind this spectacular display of determination?

An Imgur user decided to dig deep into this matter and have successfully got the real story from the guys who actually were there. The whole story was posted on his Imgur account.

Let’s get to know the first-hand account of what actually happened at this one of its kind LAN party.

Many on the internet claimed to be there and claimed to know the actual deal.

But someone did the research and found the real guys who were there.

The actual guys were from a small town who loved to build computers and arrange LAN game parties who just got goofy one day.

The origin of the “Duct Tape to I-Beam” idea

The assembly of the “Duct Tape Framework.”

Actually, “Gaming from the Beam” was totally an afterthought.

They got some snapshots in honor of that auspicious moment and posted it on a Gaming Forum.

Just look at it!

Actually, every time these pictures pop up on the internet it’s like a Mason Reunion.

Now that you know a simpler and true explanation of this internet sensation, how do you feel about it? Did you use to have such interesting parties back in your time? Let us know in the comments section below.


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