The Trump Tweet That Convinced CNN That Threatening To Dox Someone Was A Good Idea

President Trump is unpredictable and polarising

He is loved and hated vehemently. With a tendency to bash mainstream media and promote alternative sources, a majority of his supporters love him blindly just like Obama’s supporters did. Recently, however, President Trump did something that caused a great big ruckus.

He tweeted a meme

Considering that the President posted it himself makes it automatically funny.

The fallout from the tweet has been drastic to say the least. People said that he was inciting violence against journalists, and saying that this is grounds for an impeachment. Let me reiterate, people thought that a meme was grounds for an impeachment.

Two similar things had happened in the past. Kathy Griffin posed with a beheaded Trump with his face covered in blood, and a play that assassinated the President. Both things were defended by the same people who are condemning the meme. While the play is understandable, they did it with Obama and will do it with whatever president comes next because that’s what they do.

But Griffin’s debacle was inexcusable. People defended it as art, but the same people have a separate standard for Trump’s joke— and that’s what it was. A joke.

The meme was made by a redditor known as “HanA**holeSolo”, a person with a history of bigoted, islamophobic, and anti-semitic posts. It was a routine procedure, and but the article CNN posted about it took an alarming turn.

Basically, “Be a good boy and we won’t dox you”

Of course, people were outraged.

Popular News Youtubers also were taken aback by this


CNN threatened to release the private details of a private citizen over a gif meme.

They have tried justifying their tirade by saying that his previous online presence was atrocious and awful– Something no sane person would agree with, and they’re right. However, it’s also irrelevant since CNN had no interest in the man before the gif was posted. Even those that hate Trump didn’t stand by this action,

Fox News







Even Vox


The writer of the “hit piece” is Andrew Kaczynski, who has been defending himself rather poorly.

Andrew Kaczynski
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