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Trump Supporters Tried To Mock This Rockstar For Speaking Against Him But His Clapback Destroyed Them All

Trump Supporters Tried To Mock This Rockstar For Speaking Against Him But His Clapback Destroyed Them All

The joy of witnessing a social media troll being put down is always the best.

Imagine a person who is so loathsome and egoistic that he considers himself to always be right in his opinions and tries to dominate in the discussion, but later, when he is utterly destroyed in a perfect counter reply,  he shuts up. So satisfying, right?

Let’s have a look at this guy who tried to mansplain worldwide temperature alteration to astrophysicist Katie Mack, who destroyed him with this flawless tweet.


The qualification proof here turned out to be a wonderful slap back, which I hope he wouldn’t forget before being an idiot again.

Now the one below is one of the best by the famous guitarist Tom Morello. Everyone is familiar with Morellos’s rage for Trump and his government.

Mood. Photo: @gobinderjhitta

A post shared by Tom Morello (@tommorello) on

The Prophets of Rage guitarist never leaves a chance to express his political opinions.

Be it on administration, current events or government leaders, he keeps an eye on everything and is vocal about it. If you listen to him carefully, you’ll realize that his work is also heavily inspired by politics.

Well, if we look at Morello’s background, that does suit him. He was a political anarchist in his youth, his father was a part of Kenya’s Mau Mau uprising, and his mother loved teaching social studies in high school. So Morello always had known politics better than many and he even later studied social studies while graduating from Harvard which made him more credible.

But what’s funny here is now an Instagram user davez627, who didn’t know Morello that well, believed that musicians shouldn’t have any connections with politics as it is not their thing and commented on one of his posts saying that he should stick to how to play guitar as he doesn’t know anything.

A post shared by Tom Morello (@tommorello) on

“Another successful musician instantly becomes a political expert.”

Saying that to a person like Morello who knows so much about politics seems that it did irritate him a bit, but the real burn was there to follow up when Morello quickly responded to the guy’s message showing where he tried to mess up.

Not to forget the wonderful screenshot that he shared on his Instagram page after that.


A post shared by Tom Morello (@tommorello) on

Now what’s really more irritating here is the perception that musicians and actors should not be allowed to have political opinions. I mean, they are humans with thoughts and feelings. They have equal rights to raise their voice which can have more weight of benefit as well.

But underestimating anyone’s opinion just because he isn’t an expert is such a confusing logic.


We are glad that Morello said you don’t have to be a Harvard Graduate to have opinions on politics in America. I hope he was convinced not to have biased judgments again.

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