Trump Stared Directly Into The Solar Eclipse, Become An Instant Meme On Twitter

I Don’t Know About You, But This Does Not Surprise Me.

I have to say it once and for all. Twitter is obsessed with Donald Trump; I don’t blame them either. He does pretty stupid things sometimes. Like spelling heal as ‘heel’ two times. Sometimes it seems like he is doing this for attention.

However, we may never know that. What we do know is that Donald Trump stared directly at the solar eclipse without his protective glasses on. No, I am not making this up. Twitter is having a blast with this.

This Seem’s Safe.

We have all been hearing warnings of staring at the solar eclipse without protective gear on but guess he didn’t want to listen. Maybe he thinks his eyes are super strong?

You Heard It Here First! The Solar Eclipse Was Fake!

What Are You Talking About? He Has The Most Perfect Tan Ever.

I Believe Him 100%. Who Wouldn’t?

Yes, Love.

Nothing. Nothing Is More On-Brand Than Donald Trump.

Kids Should Be Watching Him All The Time Then.

He Is Right. Never Trust Scientists! They Are Out To Get Us.

#Eclipse Is Trending On Twitter Now.


It Is Always Sunny Wherever Donald Trump Is.

This Perfectly Sums Up The Whole Incident.

That Is Impossible For Him. Don’t You Know That?

Even NASA Is Tired Of His Questions.

Well, She Wasn’t Wrong. He Sure Is Popular But Maybe For All The Wrong Reasons.

That Might Be Impossible. His Love Breaks All The Norms.

Sadly? Oh Right. We Are Very Sad.

I Don’t Think It Was That Hard To Predict. I Mean, Going By Donald Trump’s History.

Did this surprise any of you? Or was it just another thing to add to the ever growing list of Donald Trump does or says stupid things? Well, whatever your thoughts, we hope this did not damage his permanent vision.

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