People Are Hilariously Mocking Trump With Their Own ‘Person Of Year’ Covers After His Ridiculous Tweet

Oh, Trump.

Apparently, Mr. President was asked to appear for an interview and a photo shoot for a PROBABLE feature as ‘Person of the year’ in the TIME magazine.
(Again). But he felt as if that simply being asked was more than enough.

As if being the President of the United States wasn’t enough, it looks like Trump wants even more attention. Rest assured, people are giving him just that!

So much for a rejection. This is what he has to say in his recent tweet.

Obviously, TIME wasn’t going to sit quietly.

People are obsessing over the need to create their own ‘Person of the year’ covers and you’ll love them! It all started here.

1. Person of the year much?

2. The wars have started.

3. This is way cuter tbh.

4. I wish it was me.

5. Much better.

6. Stranger things? I prefer Samwise Gamgee.

7. What a dick.


8. He looks just as confused as Trump.

9. This one’s for the Star Wars fans. You have been Porg-ed.

10. Sounds fair.

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