It Took Trump Three Tries To Spell ”Heal” Right & Twitter Just Can’t Stop Laughing

Spelling Heel Can Be Quite Difficult- Wait, I Mean Heal.

See what I am talking about? Heal and heel are both so similar that they end up confusing us. Or is it just me? Well, It is not. As it seems like The President Of USA, Donald J. Trump faces the same problem.

You see, after the right wing ‘free speech’ rally on Saturday. Donald Trump tweeted a very beautiful message where he urged the American people to come together and ‘heel’. Not surprisingly he deleted it soon after.

He Tried Again Soon After, Although His Attempt Was Not Much Better Except He Did Change ‘For Decade’ To ‘For Decades’.

Via Twitter

He Got It Right After All. Third Time’s The Charm!

Not Surprisingly Twitter Was In A Frenzy After This Little Incident.

Hello From The Other Side!

What Is Twitter Without Puns?

I Have No Idea Either.

And, Of Course The All Important Dog Jokes.

We Will Only Stand Up For Ourselves.

Your Dog Is Not The Only One.

Thank You For That. I Was Not Aware Of The Meaning.

Heel’s Are Better Anyways.

Indeed, The Internet Never Forgets.

Is It That Much Better Though?

Does He Write Heel’s Often?

You Are Only Starting Now?

Heeling Is The Only Way America Can Prosper!


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