Trump Claimed He’s America’s Favorite President And Bette Midler Smashed Him With One Tweet

Good morning, world.

Why is Trump in the news today? Has he sold Uranium to the Russians, and cheated his rival out of votes?

No wait, that’s Hillary Clinton.

Has he redefined what “unemployment” is defined as, then taken credit for reducing unemployment when, in fact, he did nothing, and then lost millions in cocaine to the Mexican cartel?

No wait, that was Barrack Obama.

Has he mocked a disabled reporter, disregarded a woman’s question by brushing it off as something related to her “period”?

There we go. That’s the President.

The point I’m trying to make is politics sucks, and there’s no winner.

So when Trump made a post like this…

You can imagine the people that were more than annoyed.

Twitter came in droves to tell him off for the statement.

He has an unusually low approval rating for someone at his tenure.

It’s stabilising, at least.


But it’s stabilising at a very low 35%

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