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20+ Tumblr Posts That Are Too Real For Words

20+ Tumblr Posts That Are Too Real For Words

There are certain things that we all do at some point- that’s just a fact.

There probably isn’t a person alive who hasn’t wondered if the black market really is just a bunch of little tables or hasn’t cringed at wet sleeves and pulled the same face but now we all have the internet to share this on- and what better place to share it than the home of madness that is Tumblr?

Here, we have a list of posts that all have something we all do in them. The question is, how many do you relate to? Comment below and tell us, it may very well be more than you think!

#1 First, this is the worst when you have long sleeves.

#2 That moment of sheer panic at being left behind.

#3 When you thought you were dead for sure.

#4 Bless him, he’s trying.

#5 Bunnies do not deserve this level of aggression.

#6 When you will do anything to get out of work.

#7 And we mean anything

#8 I do this at every Disney movie ever.

#9 Easiest decision ever.
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