People Hilariously Explain The True Meaning Of Country Flags & These Are Brutally Hilarious

Stereotype jokes are probably the worst kind of jokes out there.

It’s just throwing in a bunch of irrelevant information together to make it look funny. However, is it actually even funny? Not so much. To be very honest, It’s just the lack of creativity that makes you laugh. For instance, remarks attempting humour relating to a cultural, racial or ethnic group. And it’s mostly about things you’ve already heard a billion times. Like, the Italians like pasta and the Irish have a sweet tooth for potatoes. It legitimately does not get any better than this. And to be cool, you have to become a part of the popular culture.

However, just because it makes us happy, we tend to stick to the norms of humour. This time around, the internet experimented with the ‘true meaning’ behind national flags. You’ll be amazed at the creativity these people have to offer. It’s pure genius! I’ll give them a 10/10 for creativity but is it hilarious? You can decide that for yourselves.

Have a look at some of the most hilarious ‘flag’ innovations below!

1. Italy.

2. The United States of America.

3. Germany.

4. Australia.

5. Greece.

6. North Korea.

7. Brazil.

8. The Soviet Union.

9. Italy.

10. France.

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