10+ Illustrations About How True Love Is Different From A Mere Phase Of Passion Which Everyone Can Relate To

Normally most of us think that love, passion, and infatuation are the same fruits of human emotions. Love, at first sight, might be a temporary wave of passion or a mere infatuation. Loving someone is an entirely deep emotion and requires mature feelings towards each other. In love, we realize that both of us are not and can not be perfect beings. Instead of finding a perfect idol, love is about understanding the differences. We fall in love with the imperfections as well as the perfections of our soul mate.

Natalia Tylosova, an illustrator from Russia, has used work to beautifully demonstrate the difference in attitudes in a wave of passion and the one in true love. These illustrations speak louder than words to help us understand the difference between passion and true love. Let’s take a look and see if you can relate to a different situation expressed in these illustrations. Let us know about your thoughts in the comments below.
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#1 True love is about helping each other.

#2 There is nothing like the smell of fresh flowers.

#3 Every look is so lovely.

#4 Try to discuss the issues to make things better.

#5 Always the sight for sore eyes!

#6 You make the best memories in love.

#7 Spending money is not always a gesture of love.

#8 We just don’t wish them well, we actually make sure that they get well.

#9 Love is about planning things together.

#10 Love is about caring.

#11 You don’t have to wait for your loved one to be in the mood. You just get in!

#12 A clear difference in gestures.

#13 Love has no boundaries.

#14 Kissing in front of everyone is not a conclusive evidence of love.

#15 There are no casual goodbyes in love.

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