Troll Offends Woman In Wheelchair On Twitter Gets Brilliantly Destroyed By Other People In Wheelchair

Now that’s called a slap in the face!

Sometimes people can be a real pain in the ass. And especially when they try to fix themselves where they’re not needed.

Twitter has been flooding with posts containing the hashtag #HotPersonInAWheelchair and there’s a reason why. Read on.

Around 4 years back, Kenn Jennings tweeted this and upon that other Twitter users reacted which was valid enough.

That’s when people with disabilities started posting their photos on their wheelchairs, making their points clear and proving Jennings completely wrong. Almost all of them are either bloggers, ex-athletes, ex-models or activists for the rights of people with disabilities. So without further ado, scroll down to check out the sizzling wheelchair users.

1. Annie Segarra.


It all started with her.

2. Joshua Cassidy.


We’ve got a winner.

3. Claire Freeman.


Two words: Hotness overloaded.

4. Kate Loughlin.


A hot mother and a model on the wheelchair.

5. Lindsey Freysinger.


I see no sadness, just sunshine, and happiness.

6. Laura Dorwart.


No, I’m not crying. (Sniff)

7. Charis.


I sometimes use a wheelchair, sometimes a cane, sometimes a brace, and sometimes nothing at all. And I am disabled in all those contexts.

8. Nomzi Peter.


She calls herself royalty on wheels.

9. Bella.


Sometimes you can’t really figure out how the world works.

10. Robyn Lambird.


This totally hot YouTuber will definitely change your opinion on life.

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