An Internet Troll Gets Schooled By A Lawyer On Immigration When They Try To Defend Trump

Trump never learns.

And neither do his supporters. I mean, you would think he would check his facts before issuing statements. But alas he doesn’t do that. So no one was surprised when Trump announced that he would be clamping down further on immigration to protect the American “nuclear family.”

One critically acclaimed immigration attorney, Rabia Chaudry wanted to set the facts straight and pointed out that immigrants can only sponsor their parents, spouses, and children. “Distant relatives” are not eligible for residency sponsorship.

One person, however, came to Trump’s rescue.

You might already know that the person is wrong and they probably didn’t spend a second to actually check their facts. But what else can we expect from someone who supports Donald Trump?

Rabia Chaudry was quick to respond.

Chaudry explained further in an interview.

In a space like Twitter, we aren’t always dealing with real people, we are often battling armies of misinformation bots.

And while I don’t believe in arguing with bots, there are people out there who are watching quietly, not sure about the truth. It’s important to keep putting the truth out there for them.

From science to democracy to media to intel, this administration is engaged in an onslaught to confuse people, create a fog of war that destroys the confidence of citizens in anything and everything.

And they have many handmaidens that are instrumental in this goal — Fox, Breitbart, even the silence of the GOP itself.

Unsurprisingly, the tweet went viral.


But are any of us surprised?

Can I borrow that answer?

Chaudry was also a central figure in the first season of ‘Serial.’

And not only that, but the 43-year-old mother is also a prominent voice in the national security field. She is also the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, such as the Truman National Security Project’s 2015 Harry S. Truman Award for Communications and Media Influence.

Even after all of her achievement, she is still the victim of mansplaining once in a while.

I’ve learned to take up space with my body — I’m short and I wear hijab, which renders me invisible to some — and to be strongly declarative. I don’t hedge much anymore, and that seems to help shut the mansplainers down.

Fake news and bots aside, I think women in general — Muslim or not, accomplished or not, expert or not) consistently are challenged by the ‘but actuallys’ of confident, but uninformed, men.

I’ve learned over the years to change the language, verbal and physical, I use to help convey my expertise. Many women do couch their statements in terms that are less assertive, use body language that is not too confrontational.

By doing what they did with that very basic tweet about immigration — share the voices of others. Just share, amplify, and echo. It validates the voices, opinions, expertise of those who have to fight to prove it otherwise.

-Rabia Chaudry


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