A troll demanded a Muslim man show examples of ‘Christian terrorists.’ He delivered.

U.S always seems to blame the Muslims.

I’m not making that statement without any evidence either. Whenever something bad happens, people just seem to assume that Muslims are behind it. I’m not saying there haven’t been Muslim terrorists. But, being a Muslim doesn’t automatically make you a terrorist.

However, with the Donald Trumps election, this has just gotten worse. Everyone wants to blame the Muslims for every bad thing that happens in the U.S. According to the FBI survey though, 94% terrorists attack carried out between 1980 and 2005 were carried out by someone other than Muslims.

That may be a fact, but some people don’t like to believe the facts as the anti-Muslim groups have tripled between 2015 and 2016.

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However, Qasim Rashid took a stand against these people.

Many people always ask one stupid question. “Show me the Christian terrorist attacks.” They seem to think, that this question would back us into a corner. Nonetheless, Qasim Rashid was having none of it.

So he delivered the perfect answer.

His list of examples wasn’t short either as it took at least four screenshots to fit them all in. He also called it a ‘Short List’. I am certain, there have been many Christian attacks in our history. But, Some people tend to forget the truth or are very selective of what they want to remember.

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Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army, Christian militias in the Central Africa Republic, white supremacist and religious groups in the U.S., anti-abortion terrorist Robert Dear, 1996 Olympics bomber Eric Rudolph, and a lot of others are part of his list.

Via Twitter
Via Twitter

However, what makes him different than the people who condemn Muslims, is what he wrote in the last paragraph.

“I know such acts don’t represent Christ because I’ve studied Christ from Christians, not from anti-Christians,” he writes.“Learn Islam from Muslims, not from anti-Muslim bigots.”

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This the perfect answer to the infamous statement; Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslim.”

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