This Woman Knows Just The Trick To Ward Off Creepy Stalker Guys At The Gym

The male species can be divided into two very evident categories, “creeps” and “non-creeps.”

Although, most weird guys are totally harmless. You have to be very cautious to avoid yourself from getting into a dangerous situation. You can’t always rush out to a thrift store or call the police when you’re being stalked or ogled at. Men dare to stare at and creep out women basically everywhere. Even at the gym! We’re not really sure on what persuades a guy to make small talk with a woman at her absolute worst. Especially when she’s sweating like a pig right after a workout. But, it’s very likely. Perhaps, they believe that the crouching and grunting will eventually make them hot.

A woman named Olivia Cole knows just how to get the stalker archetypes off your back. Or at least she thinks she does. Apparently, she overheard an exchange between two women at the gym. According to this eavesdropping, the two girls were approached by a man with a cheesy grin plastered to his face, whose first intention was to flirt obviously. But, one of these girls knew just how to effectively get him off their backs without making it too awkward.

Here’s what you need to do when a man approaches you at the gym to put an end to the whole ordeal.

“You might not want to come over here.”

Really disgusting but very effective!

Indeed, a very well thought trick.

Hop on the bandwagon guys!

However, not everybody loved the idea.

It’s definitely an idea though……

She has a point.


What would you have done if you were approached by a guy at the gym? Let us know in the comments below!

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