Twitter Users Are Translating Common Phrases From Different Languages To English & They Are Hilariously ‘Beautiful’

A lot can get lost in translation.

Turns out this especially applies to Mexican. While true for any language, Mexican to English is especially hilarious. And lucky us, there is a new trend on twitter where people like to do just that.

So that is why we have compiled some of the best words and sentences that when translated into English turns very very different.

#1 Well, they technically little Arthur and Cuddly Baby.

#2 That basically means the same thing.

#3 We should totally change that saying.

#4 Just NO!

#5 That greeting makes so much sense.

#6 It just makes birthdays sound so much more amazing.

#7 That makes total sense.

#8 I have literally no idea.

#9 Sometimes these don’t make any sense at all.


#10 That is totally bitching!


#11 Quite subtle if I say so myself.


#12 That should probably be code for ‘I’m on my period.’


#13 How ba dah?

#14 Robin Hood should listen.

#15 Isn’t much different than is it?

#16 I’m hoping these catch on soon because I’m gonna be using these everyday.

Have any more sentences that have hilarious literal translation? If so comment on below and let us know!

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