The Whole Nation Is Rallying Against A Toxic Family Of British Tourists

How can a family make the whole nation angry?

Well, if you ever wanted to do that, you might want to get some pointers from this British family. Apparently, they came to New Zealand for a visit and started to ‘act up’. They were only there for five days and started causing a ruckus.

I am just surprised that these people haven’t gone to jail in their home town before. Rather than going to a new place and actually respecting it and the people there they decided to litter on the beach.

And while that does sound awful, the whole story is honestly hilarious. So, scroll on below and see how this one Reddit user explains it all.

Source: News

Some people are saying that according to their accent they might be from the Irish travelling community.

It’s safe to say; people are interested to hear more of the drama.

I’m pretty sure the kid is not drunk.

But that’s not all.

Well, this certainly escalated fast.

Apparently, you don’t!

While I do admire the kid’s loyalty, his family has clearly not taught him any manners. A woman even hit a Journalist with a shoe when they tried to approach her for a comment.

John Johnson said that his grandfather was the 10th richest man in England and that they would be cutting their holiday short since people in New Zealand have made them feel unwelcome.

What are your thoughts on this whole fiasco? Comment down below and let us know.

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