American Tourist Finds Hilarious Shirts In Japan And You Just Have To See Them

Anyone who has ever been to another country knows how different the cultures are

And if you happen to go to a country that doesn’t speak English dominantly, you’ll come across merchandise that just look so… Off. An imgur user recently went to Japan and came across a lot of badly translated shirts. Going by the name of , they found hilarious and amazing t-shirts that I would probably wear despite how badly translated they are.

#1 I would wear this shirt to parties

#2 To all the NYC people

#3 Terrible terrible grammar

#4 Yes, a round future.

#5 As a guy, I’d wear the shirt.

#6 It was a spicy story

#7 Badly Translated Shirts could be a

#8 Imagine wearing that to a get together.

#9 Not far enough

#10 I don’t even understand this one.

Source: Imgur

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