Topless Male Models Pose With Cats For Photographer Michelangelo Cecilia And It’s Absolute Purrfection

Cats are the most adorable creatures.

I mean they can make anything look cute. But what happens when you mix hot, topless male models and cats together?

The models are enough eye-candy on their own, but when you add cats to the equation, we just can’t deal with it. This shoot was actually created for D’Scene Magazine and was named ‘Pussy Riot’. 

Sometimes, we just need a hot guy who loves cats. I mean, who can argue with that? Well your dreams can come true, just take a look below.

 Michelangelo Cecilia, the photographer, said:

”Things didn’t go so smoothly with this photoshoot – at one point we had kittens all over the place, models having their diva moment, and everyone was in panic. It wasn’t a normal shoot, but I’m happy about it, cause I’m not into the normal stuff at all.” 

More info: Michelangelo Cecilia | Facebook

#1 Hao With Ursula.

Via Michelangelo Cecilia

#2 Gabriel With Ariel.

Via Michelangelo Cecilia

#3 Gui With Luna.

Via Michelangelo Cecilia

#4 Kofi With Yolanda And Ygritte.

Via Michelangelo Cecilia

#5 Terrance With Leon.

Via Michelangelo Cecilia

#6 Jon Hermann With Moonie.

Via Michelangelo Cecilia

#7 Stefan With Omelette.

Via Michelangelo Cecilia

#8 Mark With Bjork And Florence.

Via Michelangelo Cecilia

What did you think of the above photo-shoot? Is there anything that you would have changed?

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