People Are Sharing Mean Things Toddlers Ever Told Them & The Children Are Spawns Of Satan

Toddlers are either the most intelligent part of the human race,

Or the dumbest. It’s one or the other, no in betweens. If you’ve had an interaction with a toddler before, you know what I’m talking about. It’s not that they’re vicious or manipulative, it’s just that their train of thought is so simple and unfiltered, everything they say is just… Devastating.

If you argue with a toddler about the importance of wearing pants, half an hour later, both of you will be sitting on the counter, without pants, eating ice cream.

Twitter decided to share their interactions with toddlers, and boy, they’re merciless.

#1 It started with this tweet.


#2 Everyone felt sorry for her. Kinda.

#3 It’s just so relentless.


#4 Other people began chiming in too.

#5 It’s the simplicity, really.

#6 They’re not even trying!

#7 There’s a reason why toddlers are so cute.

#8 It’s a defense mechanism so that we don’t see their savagery coming.


#9 Toddlers are the root of your insecurity.

#10 They don’t hold back.

#11 At all.


#12 They’re brutal.

#13 It’s not even insults. They’re statements.

#14 Rejected!


#15 They’re not wrong though.

#16 They haven’t developed chill yet.

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