10+ Women Reveal What It’s Like To Be A Woman In Society And It Can’t Get Any Truer Than This

It’s difficult being a woman. You’re under the constant stress of maintaining a decent balance between work and life. It’s like breaking through a glass ceiling. It’s mentally and physically impossible to merely exist. Trying to conform to beauty standards and avoiding horrible men. It’s almost impossible to survive as members of the fairer sex. And most men probably don’t even know of the little bummers women face on a daily basis. These women revealed what it’s like to be a woman in society and it can’t get any truer than this.

1. Most of the time you’re convinced that you’re getting a cardiac arrest.

You see, period cramps are debilitating, but they’re at least consistent. Just take some Tylenol at that time of the month and most the pain is gone. Boob pains, however, strike at the least expected times. And when they get you, they get you good. I’m an eighteen-year-old girl in perfect health and I’ve been convinced on multiple occasions that I was going into cardiac arrest, just because my boobs couldn’t catch a break.

2. Boobs are a pain in the back – literally.

How heavy boobs are and how much back ache you get carting them about with you

3. It’s not as easy for women.

Gyno visits. If men need birth control refill they just go to the store and get a box of condoms.

4. Peeing in public is not easy.

Women’s bathrooms are often absolutely disgusting.

5. Decency is expensive.

A good bra can cost upwards of 80$, and for large-breasted women it could even be upwards of 100$. As a woman with a DDD cup size, I could probably get a PS4 for less money than it would cost me to get 3 decent bras.

6. Everywhere.

Hair gets everywhere. Everywhere.

7. “Gas traps”.

We can be just as gassy as you, but we have to deal with annoying “gas traps.” If a woman is wearing panties and (typically) sitting, the gas can go forward and essentially get stuck in the outer folds of the vagina, making an air pocket. We have to do a little wiggling to get it out. My husband found this fascinating when I told him.

8. Resting bitch face.

People think that just because I’m quiet or don’t smile I’m a bitch or angry.

9. Everyone hates women.

How confusing and frustrating our bodies can be. I had an ex that would just get so mad that I couldn’t orgasm. I wanted to, but it’s not like there is some magical button you can push. Also, monthly hormone fluctuations OMG. One day my face is flawless then a week before my period I breakout. My mood gets messed up right before my period and I cry for no reason and eat lots of cereal for two days, then the flood starts and mood is fine. It’s as confusing and shitty for me as it is for you I promise!

10. There’s nothing natural about it.

That a natural look doesn’t mean that it’s low-maintenance. Men always say they like a woman who doesn’t wear make-up, but chances are, she does. And she moisturizes, waxes, and maybe even dyes her hair.

Furthermore, all of that costs money, and not just once, but on a rolling basis. Men might not like paying for dinner, but women also don’t like dropping $50 every month keeping those bangs and eyebrows in check.

11. Being a woman is expensive.

How much female products cost as compared to the male version of same product (razors, shampoo, body wash, etc)

12. It’s a murder scene down there.

All the shit that comes out of our vagina. Like, what the fuck is this shit? Regular discharge. Then it changes during ovulation and it looks like fucking egg whites.

Then you get blood. Looks like a goddamn murder scene.

And sometimes for shits and giggles you get random ass orange stuff! Or, if life is great, you’ll get an infection and it’ll come out in clumps. Who knows what fucking color it will be like then.

Oh my god. Vagina’s are awful. Sometimes I really struggle with understanding how they’re attractive.

13. Who even designs pants for women?

Our pants rarely have pockets! I seriously think it’s a conspiracy to sell more purses.

14. Anybody can do it.

As a train engineer, all the comments about that if you do a “man’s job”, you’re a tough girl with balls. No I’m not. I’m just a normal girl. Anyone can do this job. Stop with all the comments and questions about why I chose this job.

15. At the end of the day, we’re all creations of the same God.

That we are not that different. We like games, beer, and not shaving as much as you.

What’s it like being a woman for you? Do you ever feel like it’s dealing with too much of stress? You can vent in the comments below!

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