Suspicion Grows After Release Of The TMZ Video Of Stan Lee And Everyone Is Concerned For His Well-Being

Everyone knows the iconic and world-famous comic book writer, Stan Lee.

And if you are a Marvel fan, you probably love him too. Lee started his career somewhere in the 1930’s, and since then he has been investing his time and energy into the comic world. From an assistant to a writer to an editor and a publisher, the world has seen a lot by Stan Lee in the world of comics. His co-creations include Spider-Man, The Hulk, Doctor Strange, The Fantastic Four, Black Panther and many others. It was because of his efforts coupled together with others that made Marvel such a huge success.

The list of all the great things can go on, but not everything is great right now as a Reddit user has discovered something very suspicious. Stan Lee has been suffering from pneumonia recently. At present, he is 95-years old. And someone suffering from pneumonia at an age like this is definitely hard. However, this is not the worst part. Stan Lee has been cut off with all his friends, and his loyal caretaker has been fired according to these some articles. Also, the Reddit user noticed that in a video of Stan Lee, uploaded by TMZ, where he can be seen sitting inside his house and talking, contradicts with another video that Lee released from the hospital just a week before. All of these events are alarming as there might be someone who is exploiting Stan Lee.

So, without any further delay scroll down and read what the user had to say.


He was taken to the hospital.

He is no longer in contact with his friends and acquaintances.


This is what J. Scott Campbell had to say regarding the recent developments.


His caretaker, Max, was always by his side.

“Max and Stan have been practically inseparable.”

This might actually be true.

Perhaps doing this would be helpful and it would make things more transparent.

It turns out, something suspicious really is going on!

This is what Peter David had to say for Stan Lee.

“Max is a great guy.”

Having gone through so much and then suddenly cutting off with someone so close to you really isn’t normal.

Jason David Frank also showed his concern over the matter.


Its hard to believe they no longer see each other.


He has observed and said what most of us have failed to do.


These points are definitely alarming and require immediate attention.


I think Neal Admas speaks for all of us when he says this.

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