‘Don’t Hide Under The Table’ School Teacher Shares Tips That Can Save Lives During A Shooting

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A new and lethal epidemic has struck the globe, and it has been increasing massively. Remember when schools used to teach their students some fire drills, earthquake and tornado drills, even reverse evacuation drills? Well, it’s certainly time to add another one to the list. Active Shooter Drills.

Active Shooting in public areas such as religious places and cinemas has always been an issue, but things have gotten serious as schools have now become a significant target too!

In the United States alone, more people have died or have been injured in school shootings in the previous 18 years than the entire 20th Century, that’s alarming! 13 more incidents have been recorded killing 66 and injuring a lot more since the start of the 21st Century too.

Schools really should train their teachers and students to survive such an unfortunate event but sadly, they don’t.

God bless “V”, as she luckily received active shooter training at her workplace and decided to share it with us, we NEED these kinds of people in our lives, but we rarely find them,

Anyway, you’re lucky enough to give it a read and train yourself as most students and teachers don’t even know what’s coming, let alone training themselves…

Scroll down, read and train.

This is “V”, the lifesaver.

photo by: @lareinavicc

Is she an angel or what?

photo by:@lareinavicc

Increasing mental instability and widely accessible guns are a deadly combination, don’t get offended by her selection of words and focus on the rising issue she raised out.

You should never forget these alphabets, for your own ease in survival.

photo by:@lareinavicc

They’re multipurpose, work in every scenario!

photo by:@lareinavicc

Train your mind to be relaxed in every situation, hypertension is a lethal hinderance as it can cause your brain to malfunction, so BREATHE and calm down.

This may seem the easiest and the most appealing but trust me, it’s the worst move you can make!

I think you’re going to choose to think logically, Why do I say that? Because I think you are sensible enough.

No exit? No problem!

Understanding Physics is key…

No need to panic if the door doesn’t open towards you, just a few handy tools would do. Play with your thoughts, but carefully!

Cordless is not always the best thing. Sometimes, old school stuff does save your life.


Use a sensibly stealthy approach.

AVOID, at all costs. They know you, outplay them.

These 5 minutes will be the longest of your life and the shortest of theirs, delay everything while playing safe.

Once you’ve tried all, if it doesn’t help, Act because that is all you can do.

Tie every loophole, it’s for your own good; this is not the situation for careless mistakes.

It all comes down to this, but luckily, you’ll have the upper hand, be smart.

Do whatever you think will throw them off time because that’s literally all they have.

You know it’s smart when the police recommend you to act this way.

Fighters probably have been waiting for such a scene their entire life; here it is, prove you’re steel!

For those of you who don’t know.

There are no charges on Self Defense!

Make them run out of moves.

Even if there are no charges on self-defence, avoid being silly, please.

If you’re shot while defending yourself, don’t be scared. The following tweets will guide you to safety.

Reduce blood flow…

Pads come to use in bloody situations…

This was “V”, listen to her if you encounter such a situation. She’s trained.

People need awareness of the right things to do; if they don’t, such scenarios turn out to be disasters.

Active shooting survival drill needs to be prioritised.

Be safe and spread safety everyone!

Spread this information to everyone you love, as not everyone gets to perform drills.

Let us know in the comments if you know of any safety measures for this scenario!

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