Couple Didn’t Have Enough Money For Tip So Waitress Helped Them; Then They Gave Her A Life-Changing Tip

Restaurant staff are the most underpaid people in the world.

And that is why a TV show by the name of Prank it fwd wanted to change that one deserving person at a time. Waiters and waitresses have to work all day and don’t really make a lot even though they deserve so much more.

So, Chelsea Roff’s friends wanted to give her a surprise that she deserved. She has a heartwarming story that’ll make anyone cry.

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You see, she has battled with an eating disorder while raising her little sister. And if that wasn’t enough, she also overcame it and now worked to help other people with the same problem as her through yoga.

She works for a non-profit organization to help people overcome their eating disorder.

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She might always have a smile on her face, but she still struggles financially. So when a couple left her a $1000 on her shift. She was at a loss for words. And when another couple offered her something else than a tip, she was even more shocked.

She was not aware as to what was happening!

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In reality, however, she was secretly being filmed, and the people giving her the tips were just part of the crew. So when she discovered that, they had flown in her best-friend and gifted her a car, she could not hold in her excitement.

At the end of the day, however, she truly did deserve all of it.

Via YouTube

You can check out her whole story below.


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