Tumblr User Shares A Life Saving Tip About Safety In Hotels And This Might Save You Someday

These tips might save you someday.

Not everyone in a hotel is there on a business trip or holiday. There are many times where people are running away from things whether that be because of their safety or they might be running away from their problems.

Well, whatever the case, a hotel attendant has shared a life-saving tip about safety in hotels. And this can be quite useful for someone who is running away from an abuser or a harasser.

After all, the hotel staff is there to take care of your needs and help you feel safe. Following is the whole Tumblr thread where he shared some useful things.

This might not seem that important but trust me, it is.

Isn’t it better to just go to the cops, though?

Although I can understand that it can be hard to accept.

Because everyone needs a little help sometimes.

And this tip is much appreciated.

So it turns out, hotel staff will take care of you.

And the peace of mind is always needed.

This is actually quite good advice.

This can actually help a lot of people!

It’s good to know that they are here for you if you need them.

This should really be shared more as it can help a lot of people.

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