Someone Created A Tinder Profile As A Tractor & Got Responses That Will Turn Your Engine On

Even tractors need some love in their life.

So why shouldn’t tractors make Tinder profiles too? After all, don’t they deserve it as well? So that is probably why this huge green tractor made one. Because we all know Tinder profiles work very well for lonely people, right?

So let’s get to know the lucky tractor a little bit. I mean, John is more than just a green tractor. He is 19 years old and works at the Moline Assembly line academy.

Oh, and did I forget to mention he loves the sun and his favorite color is green? Now that the introductions are out of the way, let’s get on with the good stuff.

Source: Imgur

Meet John, a lonely 19 year old tractor.

Apparently John also loves redheads.

Is he a catch or what!?

And his flirting is on point if I say so myself.

He is definitely ready to go if you know what I mean.

Yup, very at-tractor-ive.

The comments were just as hilarious as the original post.

But why!? Why would you leave this lifestyle?

I am quite sure he is a male tractor but you never know.

Because bigger is always better?

A balance of both speeds is always a good start.

Have you ever seen any weirder Tinder profiles? If so why not comment on below and let us know.

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