This Guy Made A Tinder Profile For His Alaskan Malamute & The Conversations Are Hilarious

Remember that cute doggo who became the best man at his owner’s wedding?

This is Phil, the Alaskan Malamute. And he is absolutely adorable.

Now that he is done attending his owner’s wedding, he is looking for a partner of his own.

Why should Phil spend his life single? It’s not fair! So, naturally, Phil took to Tinder to find his perfect match. If you live in Boston or LA, hit him up ASAP before he is taken. He has an extensive list of people waiting to hook up with him. Don’t believe me? See his conversations:

Sources: InstagramYouTube

#1 Side dog.

#2  Dogs don’t follow the rules of the land.

#3 A strong independent dog who don’t need no walker.

#4 The goodest.

#5 Belly rubs can be arranged.

#6 12/10 would pet

#7 No take, only throw.

#8 The goodest boy on Tinder.

#9 Different from other dogs.

#10 Woof!

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