10 New ‘Thoughts Of Dogs’ Tweets Prove That This World Don’t Deserve Dogs

What if we knew what dogs were thinking at all times?

Life would be so much easier as we would know why our little pup keeps going outside and then coming back a second later constantly. Alas, Scientists have not yet created such a tool, so we have our imagination until then.

How hard is it to imagine what our dogs are thinking? As it turns out, it is quite easy. And one Twitter page is doing exactly that. It is appropriately named Thoughts Of Dog. And the Twitter account is filled with things that our dogs do every day and tries to explain it from their point of view.

So scroll down below and take a look.

Source: Twitter

#1 I think humans have figured that out.

#2 Okay, that is too sweet.

#3 I would love to meet your stuffed Fren Sebastian.

#4 I am sure he has.

#5 Have you tried sniffing black pepper? That always works for me.

#6 Only got tangled once? That is miraculous.

#7 Who wouldn’t want to tuck you into bed?

#8 I honestly did not see that coming!

#9 I understand completely.

#10 Watching the skittle under the fridge is also a very important task in itself.

Did you like these tweets? If so, why not visit Twitter and take a look at what other thoughts this account has to offer. After all, these are 100% accurate. (We checked) Comment down below and let us know your thoughts on these tweets and don’t forget to share.

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