She Wore A Thong On Her Head At Coachella And Literally No One Noticed

Ah, Coachella

It’s a fantastic festival with art and sculptures and all genres of music. Despite the wondrous nature of the event, it’s notorious for hilarious and crazy events. It’s wild, it’s wacky, and people have a ton of ridiculous stories stemming from the event. Drugs run rampart, and people are often high, so, in fairness, it’s obviously going to be a sh*t storm.

Like what this little lady did.

Katie Corvino

Meet Katie Corvino, an editor for EliteDaily. Allow me to clear up something first. That fabric around her head is not a scarf, or a shirt or anything of the sort. That thing around her face is a green thong. Yep, you heard me right, that’s skimpy underwear.

Corvino posted an article recently sharing the events that happened while she was in the notorious music festival. In the sea of half naked stoned and drugged up people rolling around in the desert dust, Corvino decided to make her own mark by donning a lacy thong on her head.

And the best part is that no one noticed.

Katie Corvino

At first, she just did it as a joke for like two seconds, but then, she really got into it. After all, no matter how bizarre your outfit was, if you could fit anywhere, you’d fit in Coachella. You have people donning dragon wings, and cat eats, and bunny tails. It really was a curious little question to see if she could get away with a thong on her head.

She did. She even instagrammed a bunch of aesthetic flower photos.

Katie Corvino

Loud music backdrop, chic and aesthetic clothes. Corvino jokingly said, “There’s nothing I love more than dancing in a desert surrounded by fit and gorgeous women who make me question my self-worth.”

I think she fit in fine.

With those $7 neon sunglasses, and just as crazy people jamming out around her, you could easily say that she was the life of the party.

Katie Corvino

And honestly, there’s a surprising number of ways you can wear lacy lingerie on your face.

Katie Corvino

I don’t know if she’s trying to channel her inner Kitana from Mortal Kombat, or that she just thought she looked rad with panties covering her face.

Either way, she thought it was pretty cool. And honestly, I’m fairly amused by it too.

Many people thought that she looked great. Except, you know, there’s always that one guy.


But Corvino is a fair sport. Her response was just as funny as this guy’s attempt at savagery.

People either ignored me because they were intimidated by my beauty OR because if they looked in my direction, their eyes would bleed.

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