This 13-Year-Old Brutally Turns Down A Boy And It’s Iconic

We Should Never Date At A Young Age.

Why, you may ask? Because it always ends with tears and heartbreak, and that’s not something children should go through. Kids are not aware of the meaning of romance. They shouldn’t be either. However, one 13-year-old girl knew what’s up. She turned down a guy in the most brutal way possible.

Twitter user Isabella’s shared the conversation between her sister and the guy, and it’s pretty iconic.

The tweet soon went viral with over 120,000 re-tweets and over 400,000 likes.

Many People Were Inspired By The 13-Year-Old’s Brutality.


The Rejection Was Obviously Because Of The Name.

Absolutely Barbaric.

This Will Go Down As A Legend In The History Books.

Are We 100% Sure She Is Not A Robot?

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