10 Things You’ll Love About Disney’s Be Our Guest Restaurant

The castle from Beauty And The Beast is a restaurant!

I’m sure most of you have watched the movie Beauty and the Beast. Whether it was the live-action or the animated, the castle was no doubt an incredibly magical place. And, i’m not saying that because of the talking furniture.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in a castle? I didn’t even think that would be possible, but I suppose eating there is the next best thing. Because of the new addition of New Fantasy-land at the Magic Kingdom, you actually can.

The restaurant however, is underneath the actual castle. You have to pass through an old gateway to a stone bridge and then go through wrought-iron gates with six beautiful beastly figures adorning the sides.

You will surely feel like you’ve been transported into the actual movie. And it’s called the “Be Our Guest” restaurant, and it’s beyond memorable.

#1 It has amazing service.

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#2 Mouthwatering desserts.

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#3 Gorgeous souvenirs.

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#4 And come on, it’s a freaking castle!

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#5 There are Beauty And The Beast portraits all over.

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#6 It even has great music.

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#7 Of course, it wouldn’t be Beauty and the Beast without the rose

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#8 Walking through the armoury

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#9 Three dining rooms, one more enchanting than the last.

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#10 And above all, it’s open 24/7

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This list does not however, sum up all the amazing things of the ‘Be Our Guest Restaurant’. There are many little secrets hidden in the Castle for you to explore. It has a unique spooky feel to it that Disney nailed.

It feels like you’re actually exploring the castle from the amazing movie. That should be reason enough to go there. The amazing food, the themed restaurant and the great service is just a great plus.


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